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One has skill... one has stregnth, one has smarts, one.... is faster

Who's your favorite? Sonic or Shadow

Not the best color, but, good right? Please commet and tell me if it stinks or it's good thx :)

My Sonic Drawing 2011

I'm staring chats, having friends, this place is great. But remember guys... MORE FRIENDS :) thanks

WOW! There are some nice people here

I'm new

2011-04-08 12:58:59 by SonicTheHedgehog656

I'd like to have alot of friends who are huge fans... and others. I have alot of sonic games, and I want to see how many people here are fans. Please PM me or Friend Request me if you wanna chat some time. Enjoy your stay in Newgrounds :)

~Sonic The Hedgehog

I'm new